Macarthur Removalist Packaging Services

A house move consists of many parts that should be well planned for and one of them is the packaging of your things. You can’t expect to have a successful move without proper packaging of your belongings. It is an important stage of any move in terms, wrong or poor packaging results in damages and other issues. It is a task that most people try to avoid. As Macarthur Removalist, we understand the reasons behind it and offering our packing services to our customers. By great skill and know-how, we will do a great job of packing your valuables with the best packing materials.

We take great care of your belongings as if they were ours, work efficiently and quickly. Macarthur Removalist has all the tools and packing materials needed for a smooth relocation.

Packing & Unpacking Services

Are you after the best packing you could get? If you have no previous experience and knowledge of the packing materials, it’ll be quite a challenge to achieve it on your own. Most homeowners aren’t familiar with the efficient methods and packing materials and this is very normal. Different items require a different type of packing methods and materials. Do not risk the safety of your items if you do not feel confident packing them yourself. Our packaging experts at Macarthur Removalist will offer you the most appropriate packing solutions that fit your demands. There are many different strategies we can use for your relocation and all you need to do is give us a call. Our packing experts utilise all of them accordingly, to ensure the absolute safe transportation of your belongings. Here is what we use in our daily jobs:

Proper packaging must be strong and easy to unpack, there is also a need for protection against risks such as friction, falls, rain, humidity, mold any more. Fragile items require more than just normal packing, they require special care and methods of packing. We use different packing materials such as butcher paper, bubble wrap and etc. We will use whatever needed to deliver your valuables safely.

Box hire services

In case you want to do your own packing, you will need some quality boxes. No need to look further as you can use our box hire services and receive high-quality boxes for your move. It is proven that hiring boxes are cheaper than buying them and that’s what you should do as well. When we are the ones providing you with the boxes you can be 100% sure of their quality. We only provide the best boxes on the market which don’t require taping on the bottom or side to add extra strength. Need cardboard boxes? We also provide those which will keep your belongings safe and secure in your move as they are made specifically for relocation purposes.

Packing materials

Macarthur Removalist is an expert removalist service and our team has been used all kinds of packing material over the years and we know the best when it comes to packing your items.

Adhesive Tape

There is no argument that adhesive tape is one of the most used packing materials. It is often used to seal or strengthen boxes with many more purposes. There are many types of adhesive tapes that might confuse inexperienced homeowners. Polypropylene adhesive tape, for example, is one of the most popular types in the sector.

Butchers paper

Butchers paper is another handy packing material. It is popular for its great resistance and is a great tool for packing. We use butchers paper whenever it is needed.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most useful materials for packing and transporting and it has importance in protecting items, the bubbles are filled with air which absorbs the shocks during handling and moving of the items.

Shrink Wrap

The shrink wrap is a plastic film that retracts and makes you able to wrap objects by adapting to their shape. It is a unique material because of the strong retracting capacity that makes it easy to set up and protect the objects it contains very well.